Author: Shannon Quigley

Rijks Museum Flower Brooch

The pattern for this brooch comes from the Rijks Museum Collection. The Rijks Studio is designed to inspire people to get creative with their collection – and the Rijksstudio Award shows off the best things people have made using the collection. I stitched it mainly […]

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Teacup and saucer brooch

This little teacup is done mostly in split stitch, couched in gold. The blue flower details are done in lazy daisy and outline stitch. After the stitching was done, I glued the fabric to a piece of felt and attached a brooch back. It’s pretty […]

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Tea cozy brooch

I wanted to create a super cozy teapot. The design is inspired by the Brown Betty teapot, wrapped in a vintage cozy. I used a silk/merino blend thread for the knitted details and regular DMC for the tea pot. Next time I might make the […]

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RSN mistletoe

Back in November I signed up for an online class with the Royal School of Needlework. It was designed and led by Kate Pankhurst. I really enjoyed tuning in to the sessions on Sunday mornings and was so impressed by how the course was organized. […]

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Quilt progress pics

I’m just getting back to to this quilt after a year long hiatus. There’s still quite a bit to do, but it’s starting to come together. The pattern is based on a Japanese marquetry puzzle box. I love how the geometric patterns in woodwork resemble […]

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Tutorial: Mini Motto Magnets

Steps: Pick a motto and draw it or print it onto a piece of paper. Trace your motto onto fabric. Use a window as a light table. Put it in a hoop and stitch it using your favourite stitches. I like split stitch or backstitch […]

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embroidered mask

May Morris Mask

I made this embroidered mask for my aunt Nancy. The flower is done with vintage fake silk embroidery floss and the leaves are with regular DMC cotton. The pattern is adapted from a May Morris embroidered fire screen. The card in the background is from […]

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crochet sheep overlooking lake

Tiny sheep photo shoot

I made some tiny crochet sheep for a friend’s wedding present. We learned how to crochet together for the Handmade Herd project and it was nice to get back into the swing of things – albeit on a smaller scale.

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