Craft Fair at Blackwell the Arts & Crafts House

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I started working at Blackwell, The Arts & Crafts House as learning & engagement officer at Lakeland Arts about four years ago. I’ve always wanted to create an embroidery pattern inspired by the house, and in my last month in the UK I finally did it! I put together a kit inspired by local plants that can be spotted in the wallpaper, stained glass windows, and woodcarvings around Blackwell. I also used actual plants to trace and draw from.

I sold the kit and embroidered brooches at Blackwell’s first annual craft fair. I also ran a full-day workshop at Blackwell with people who purchased the kit. It’s been such a privilege and a pleasure working at this historic house. I will be moving back home to Canada soon and will miss the daily dose of beauty found here in the Lake District.

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I'm a dye hard fan of textile history and come from a family of crafters. I'm interested in learning more about embroidery by trying out age old techniques with a contemporary twist. I hope you enjoy looking through my projects and that they inspire you to give stitching a try!

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