Slowly but Surely

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in progress, stitch it!

I started embroidering this ‘Dia de Los Muertos’ painting by Mab Graves last year. It’s a Christmas gift for a (very patient) friend who loves Mab’s work and Blythe dolls. Check out Mab’s Website / Etsy shop / Pinterest to see more of her delightful illustrations. I picked this piece because the stitching detail going across the girl’s face was just begging to be embroidered!

The hair is coming along nicely. I’m using chain stitch in seven shades of brown to create individual strands of hair. I’m outlining each strand with black thread using stem stitch or straight stitch. The flowers in her hair are my next challenge. By the end of this project I should be able to shade and blend colours with thread like a pro! At this rate, I expect to be finished… just in time for next Christmas! 😉


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I'm a dye hard fan of textile history and come from a family of crafters and needlewomen. I'm interested in learning more about embroidery and experimenting with new stitches and techniques. I hope you enjoy looking through my recent projects.

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