Quilted Landscape

I used google maps to create a personalized landscape quilt for a friend’s one year old daughter. The quilt now sits in the little one’s play area, overlooking spectacular views.   Advertisements

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Under the Wire

Phew! Just submitted my entry for the first round of the Hand & Lock contest. I’m not sure these three little leaves will be enough to get me into the next round. It’s been fun trying out different threads and stumpwork stitches. Fingers crossed! x […]

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Experimenting with Stumpwork

After a bit of experimenting, I’ve gone with long and short stitch instead of satin, because satin buckles when you try to shape the wire. I’m using silk fabric as the backing and 1 strand of cotton thread. I think this project calls for silk floss and sequins. Stay tuned for more bling.


A Quilt for Quinn

My Nana is a wonderful quilter and I’ve always wanted to give it a go. I made this quilt as a leaving present for a colleague who’s moved to the bonny shores of Scotland. It was a pleasure to make and I’ll definitely try quilting again. A big […]

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Mini quilted football

My friend makes the most delightfully detailed dolls. A little boy requested a Wayne Rooney doll and she asked me to make the football. Not just any football – but the HiVis football from the 2016 Premier League. I cut out 12 tiny pentagons and quilted […]

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Slowly but Surely

I started embroidering this ‘Dia de Los Muertos’ painting by Mab Graves last year. It’s a Christmas gift for a (very patient) friend who loves Mab’s work and Blythe dolls. Check out Mab’s Website / Etsy shop / Pinterest to see more of her delightful illustrations. I picked […]

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A wallet fit for a queen (stitch)

  This is my second entry for the &Stitches: Old Stitches, New Tricks competition. For this project I wanted to use an antiquated stitch with a contemporary pattern. I settled on queen stitch, which I’m using to create a wee wallet for my credit cards. […]

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Wonder Woman

Here’s my first entry for the &Stitches: Old Stitches, New Tricks competition – wish me luck! I had a lot of fun learning and improvising new stitches for this project! I wound yellow thread through black backstitching to mimic rope for the Lasso of Truth and combined […]


FREE PATTERN: Tudor Rose, 1749, V&A

Source: Embroidered sampler, 1749. Victoria and Albert Museum, London  This tudor rose motif is from a British sampler dated 1749. Check it out on the V&A’s site for more info. I learned quite a bit about samplers while interning at the Harris Museum & Art Gallery in Preston, UK. […]